You will increase your profit at least 30% in 3 months,
without huge expenses for marketing and advertising,
using unique technology of business consulting!
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you're faced with:

Looking for customers

Marketing and advertising are not delivering despite the money You spent.

Unqualified staff

Your staff are lazy, incompetent, irresponsible and spending a lot of time on facebook.

No time for yourself

Unorganized schedule, spending all your time at your work place, not giving enough attention to your children, away from family and friends. Sounds familiar?!


is this happening?

  • Marketing and advertising

    are not delivering because You're using standard and useless way, which will bring You to nowhere, without any chance to win competition.

  • Your staff

    have not clearly assigned duties and their values do not coincide with the values of Your company.

  • Fire everybody!

    How to manage and find solutions?

  • Option 1

    Do it Yourself with no guarantees, repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Option 2

    Do it with "The Consigliere". Get understandable marketing, advertising and sales technology, which will increase Your profit!

We give you the solution!

You'll get the knowhow

of money flow increasing

You'll get effective

structure of business self growing

You'll get qualified

and motivated staff

You'll get new

technical and intelligent solutions

You'll get the opportunity

to be the leader in your industry

Reboot your business

increase money flow and enjoy your life

Our service

and types of cooperation.

Personal consultation

You'll get simple, understandable marketing, advertising and sales technology, which will increase your profit at least 30%.

Cooperation with Your team

We will work with Your sales, marketing and advertising departments, with Your developers and designers untill achievement of desired result.

We do everything ourselves

We'll make marketing research, create content and sales scripts. We'll develop website and mobile application, which will sell Your business. We'll create simple, understandable and beneficial product. And we'll start advertising campaign.

The Consigliere

Sincerely yours.

Jakob McGinley

Technical Director

Denis Dymov

Director and screenwriter

Neshie Holton

PR Director

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